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Skin care for men with Aloe Vera

Worries about beauty and daily care are “unisex”, and since quite a few years ago men have learnt to see beyond shaving foam. More and more are concerned about the appearance of their skin and look for solutions.

Skin care for men with Aloe Vera

Just one generation has been sufficient enough for the percentage of men who use beauty products to rise from 4% in 1990 to 50% today.

Bad habits, stress and poor diet are some of the factors that cause premature aging of the skin. Also, according to various studies, sleep deprivation among the population is higher in the male sector. One of the most harmful causes to skin that shows obvious signs of fatigue and an ‘off’ skin tone.

Skin care for men with Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera products specially created to the needs of male skin

men skin is distinguished from the female by having a greater thickness, secreting more fat and is more elastic and firm. However, although a man possesses a stronger dermis than a woman, this doesn’t mean that he shouldn’t care for it. His skin may age later on in life, but it happens very suddenly.

In addition, shaving daily is a constant stress that damages the outer layer of the epidermis. This causes dehydration and lack of skin protection against various external agents (cold, wind, sun…).

Products with pure Aloe vera fight these external agents, favoring a smooth texture and refreshing face thanks to the minerals, amino acids, and hydrating and tissue regenerating vitamins (A, B, C). Also posses astringent and bacterial propertieseco and, even, clinical studies show that twice daily application of Aloe vera reduces eye bags by 65%!

Pure aloe vera