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How to take care of your intimate area with Regilub

We are oftentimes in doubt and hear false rumours regarding genital care. Should I use soap on my vulva or not? What should I do to avoid altering my pH? Are vaginal douches good? So without further ado, let’s solve these issues.

How to take care of your intimate area with Regilub

We should start by clarifying something that is often confused: when we speak of the “intimate area” we are referring to our external genitalia, the vulva and vagina – which both require very different care.

On the one hand, our vulva acts as a barrier that protects us from foreign elements and is made up of unique microorganisms that are different from those of the rest of the body. Taking care of ourselves must include protecting this sensitive skin, to avoid altering its pH, and thus preventing potential infections.

As for our vagina, “the less we do, the better”, but we’ll talk about that later.

What is vaginal ph?

Vaginal pH refers to the vagina’s degree of acidity or alkalinity. It is acidic compared to that of the rest of the body, and this protects us against infections, keeps our vagina properly lubricated and prevents the appearance of unpleasant odour.

Habits to keep your intimate area clean and healthy

Firstly, we need to talk about our underwear, and more specifically about cotton. If there is a material that allows the skin to breathe and prevents moisture from accumulating in our genital area, it is undoubtedly cotton. So, while lace and synthetic fabrics might look divine, on a day-to-day basis, we recommend wearing underwear made from 100% cotton.

Another trick is to try to sleep without any underwear on or with baggy, comfortable pyjamas that do not constrict you. Because in the end, while cotton perspires more than any other fabric, it still retains some moisture, which can lead to the growth of yeast or bacteria.

As you can see, humidity is our great enemy. It creates the perfect environment for the proliferation of vaginal yeast and infections. Our advice is that you try not to spend too much time in a wet bikini or swimsuit and avoid wearing trousers that are too tight around the genital area.

Soap? The great incognita

The pH of our genital area is acidic, unlike the rest of the body, that has a neutral pH. This is the main reason why, in general, the use of soap to wash the intimate area is discouraged, especially if it’s the same soap that you would use in the rest of the body.

Even specific soaps will never be exactly as acidic as genital pH. So our advice is to wash the intimate area correctly using warm water only.

You will also be very familiar with the intimate hygiene wipes preventing odour, to keep you “fresh” and supposedly cleaner. However, they pose the same issue as soap does, their pH is not the same as that of your vulva. In addition, they can cause excess humidity in the area, not to mention how environmentally unsound they are.


Douching is unnecessary

We would emphasize once again that the vagina and the vulva are not the same thing. While it is important to clean our vulva on a daily basis, vaginal douching can be dangerous, since our vagina does not need cleaning (except when prescribed by a doctor). So to keep the pH balanced, the best thing to do is… nothing! And also avoid introducing chemicals or substances that may alter our microbiota or vaginal flora.

And after all this information, which we hope has helped you identify what you are doing right and wrong regarding your hygiene habits, we at Atlantia would like to introduce you to our new vaginal care product: REGILUB.

It is a fragrance-free cream-gel designed to relieve vaginal dryness, composed of organically grown aloe vera and 100% pure Rosehip Oil, with a high regenerative capacity.

Its application is both internal and external, and its main function is to hydrate and care for the vaginal mucosa by creating a protective film, as well as increasing its elasticity. Obviously, its pH is physiologically compatible with that of the intimate area.

For continued hydration, we recommend applying it to the vulva and vaginal area using your fingertips.

Since it has been created with a lot of love and attention to take care of our intimate area in the best possible way, we are excited to have you try it out it so may check out its benefits.

Soap? The great incognita