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Gift ideas for the whole family with Atlantia

Christmas is here! Family reunions, office dinners, sweet and long meals, and… gifts! Have you thought about what to give this year? In Atlantia we have some ideas for you to have the perfect gift for your loved ones, from the purest Aloe Vera of the Canary Islands. Give the gift of health with our efficient and quality products.

Gift ideas for the whole family with Atlantia

Out of home...

TRAVEL SET – Travel Products Pack

Whether at home or on the other side of the world, you can take care of your family and friends with our Atlantia TRAVEL SET. A pack consisting of products carefully designed to maintain all properties of the Aloe Vera. The set includes some of our most demanded products:

  • 1 60ml Aloe Moisturizing Gel
  • 1 60ml Moisturizing Body Milk
  • 1 60ml Regular Hair Shampoo
  • 1 60ml Moisturizing Shower Gel

Remember these bottles sizes are allowed as carry-on luggage at airports.

Out of home...

For him...

PACK FOR MEN – Men’s Care

Do men age better than women? Generally, yes. Men’s skin is more resistant, secretes a more abundant hydrolipidic film and is more elastic than women’s skin. To that, we must add that men produce a high level of male hormones until a very advanced age.

The sun and the lifestyle (stress, tobacco, alcohol, lack of sleep…) are the main reasons for the aging of the skin. It may look weary and lifeless. Therefore, men’s skin does need the care to prevent and delay aging.

With our PACK FOR MEN you can also give the gift of health with our products made precisely to meet the needs of men’s skin. This set includes:

  • 50 ml Active Energy
  • 15 ml Active Energy Eyes
  • 50 ml Ultra Confort Aftershave
For him...

To one's taste...


Send by E-mail a personalized gift card of the amount you prefer and … get it right with our Aloe Vera products!

  • Choose the Gift Card that best suits the occasion.
  • Select the amount you want to give and personalize your greeting message.
  • Print it at home or send it directly by email whenever you want.
gift card

Remember that the gift card is only valid for online purchases. Also, using the code GIFTCARD you can get a… 10% discount on the first purchase! Atlantia Gift Card is the easiest and most practical way to have the perfect gift for those special days.