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For this year’s Valentine’s day, gift Aloe

For this year’s Valentine’s day, gift Aloe

If you are not a big fan of jewels, chocolates or perfumes, take an alternative. Why not beauty and health? This valentines, gift aloe

If it’s not hard enough to get the perfect Christmas or birthday presents, we better don’t talk about Valentine’s gifts. Chocolates, flowers, jewels, romantic getaways, spa for two or a dinner at a nice restaurant are the most common options but they aren’t original at all. Our suggestion for this year is that you change you idea around gifting aloe for Valentine’s Day.

It’s always worth it to invest in beauty, health and well-being and that’s why we want to suggest Atlanta’s dermocosmetics aloe vera products as a Valentine’s gift. All products are made from 100% pure Aloe Vera, organically grown in Canarias.

For her: Aloe for valentine's day

Pack Perfect Skin, with the essential daily skincare products, it’s the perfect aloe pack for San Valentines, it includes:

HydraDetox SPF15: Hydradetox cream helps detoxify the skin from the harmful effects of environmental pollution while protecting it from UVB and UVA radiation. Improves skin brightness, reduces and prevents blemishes, regulates sebum production in the skin and reduces dilated pores.
Regenerage: Regenerating cream against multiple aggressions (stress, pollution, sun…) that accelerate ageing. Helps to improve wrinkles and expression marks.
Eye Perfect: Eye contour that reduces eye bags, and improves skin firmness, elasticity and moisturisation. Softens wrinkles and expression lines.
Facial cleansing: With a mousse texture, it cleanses the skin of impurities and provides minerals, amino acids and vitamins. It has a moisturising and regenerating action of the tissues. It doesn’t contain soap and it’s suitable for all skin types.

For him: aloe gift for valentine's day

The Atlantia Men’s Line Pack, with the essential products for the men’s skincare, can be the perfect San Valentine’s gift as it contains:

Ultra-confort Aftershave: Gel with refreshing soft texture, easily absorbed, that moisturises and relaxes the skin.

Active Energy – Anti-ageing treatment: prevents premature ageing, providing the skin with nutrients and moisturising active ingredients that stimulate the cell’s regenerative capacity.

Active Energy – Eyes contour: Clinical studies have shown that it reduces inflammation by 65% in two applications each day after 28 days.

For him: aloe gift for valentine's day

For both: assorted aloe products for valentine's day

Set Travel Pack, with the perfect format for any getaway weekend or business trip. It contains the following products:

– Moisturising Aloe Gel (60 ml).
– Moisturising Body milk (60 ml).
– Normal hair Shampoo(60 ml).
– Moisturising Shower Gel (60 ml).
– A gift travel bag.