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Don’t forget about your feet this summer!

Our feet; those born sufferers of debuting footwear and long hours of wearing heels; now also sporadic victims of burns on the sand. Asking ourselves how often we pamper and take care of our feet is vital. Especially with the arrival of the summer season.

Don’t forget about your feet this summer!

With the start of summer, our feet are crying out for sun exposure (always with caution) and contact with the breeze. However, it’s at this time of year when they’re more likely to become infected by fungi and infections from beaches, pools or gyms.

Below, we put forward some tips on how to take care of our feet in summer and preventing the leading conditions (appearance of fungus, warts, plantar and cracks on the heels) that you may suffer.

Don’t forget about your feet this summer!

Suitable footwear

Misuse of a shoe that doesn’t allow in necessary perspiration can lead to the appearance of so-called “Athlete’s Foot”: a fungal infection due to extreme sweating and concentrated moisture.

The use of cool footwear like sandals and slippers, is what our outfits call for. However, having your feet exposed and high temperatures cause extreme dryness in the feet that can be become aggrevated in the heels. That’s why podiatrists recommend their use in particular situations (beach or pool) and not as an everyday shoe.

Sandals and flip-flops should be used explicitly on beaches and pools

Nail care

Treating and caring for our nails is another task pending for this summer. Peeling or colour changes in the nail are symptoms of onychomycosis: superficial infection of the nails that affects their thickness and appearance.

Therefore, we must nourish our nails and their contour so that the area doesn’t peel or that so called “hangnails” don’t appear: small pieces of skin that emerge around the nail. You can even square cut the nails to prevent them from growing into the skin.

Daily moisturising

It’s essential to moisturise your feet daily to keep the skin flexible. At Atlantia, we provide you this process with our FOOT REPAIR CREAM, for dry and cracked feet. It’s a cream made with pure Aloe vera juice, eco grown in the Canary Islands and with moisturising and exfoliating agents.

Getting your feet ready for the warmer months is one of the most important aesthetic needs of the season. And you? ¿Do you pamper your feet?

Daily moisturising