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Care for yourself at home with Aloe

The coronavirus crisis has completely changed our lives. Routines have gone out the window. Why not make the most of confinement and dedicate some time to yourself? Care for yourself at home with Aloe.

Care for yourself at home with Aloe

Experts advise that sticking to a routine or creating new ones helps you cope with isolation. Our suggestion is simple and 100% natural: care for yourself at home with Aloe, the plant with numerous beauty, health and hygiene properties with which we make all Atlantia products. Follow these tips to look and feel better.

At home with aloe: Cleanse your face

Facial cleansing is an essential part of beauty and skin care. No doubt, you’re not wearing any make-up at the moment and you think that, perhaps by not leaving home, there are fewer pollution particles on your face. However, if you wipe a cotton wool pad over your face at night, you’ll be surprised to see how much dirt gets left on it after not going out all day.

Care for yourself at home with Aloe, the star ingredient of our Cleansing mousse, which helps keep your face bright, even and clear of impurities. It’s soap-free and suitable for all skin types, with an allergen-free fragrance.

Moisturise and regenerate with aloe

In your home routine, you can’t forget to moisturise. Do it with Hydradetox, facial care with Canarian Aloe vera, avocado oil, vitamin E and ox-bioprotect antioxidant. It also contains SPF15, perfect for protecting yourself against solar radiation. Although it doesn’t happen with UVB, ultraviolet A rays are able to penetrate through glass, so you should protect yourself from them.

Don’t forget to also look after your eye contour. Our Eye Perfect is an eye contour cream with Aloe vera that reduces wrinkles and eye bags, with visible results in 28 days. When isolation is over, your eyes will look younger than ever.

And at night, keep caring for yourself with Regenerage, our regenerating cream with Aloe which improves and prevents the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines.

Repair irritation caused by masks with aloe

The continued use of masks by health workers and others who go out every day to do essential work is taking its toll: irritation, itching and redness are appearing. Atlantia Pure Gel is the perfect solution: formulated with 100% pure Aloe vera not from concentrate, it is highly moisturising, regenerating and soothing.

Restore the skin of your hands with aloe

Frequent hand washing or disinfecting with alcoholic hand gels ends up drying out your skin. Therefore, constant hydration is super important.

Atlantia Hand and Nail Moisturising and Repairing Cream protects and softens from the first application. Its formula contains 100% pure Aloe vera, which repairs and regenerates the skin, and other highly moisturising and exfoliating active ingredients.

Keep caring for yourself at home, because looking after yourself is the best way to look after others. Together, we’ll get through this.