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Benefits of shea butter

Shea butter is a product that is extracted from a tree that grows in Central and further West Africa. It is a tree that bears some fruits similar to nuts, inside of which this substance is.

Benefits of shea butter

It is an active element that, like others with similar characteristics, such as the pure aloe vera, has a number of benefits for skin care that we will discuss next.

The main advantages of the "Manteca de karité"

The main advantage that we can find is its great moisturizing power. Thanks to this butter, our skin will have the luminosity and elasticity that it has always had, recovering even a large part of its smoothness. Since it can be applied daily, we will be able to carry out a constant treatment without any concerns so that the dryness of the skin will be a thing of the past.

Shea Butter also contributes to the skin’s natural nutrition so that it will be protected from some of the most harmful external agents such as pollution or solar radiation.

Basic in superdefense cream from the atlantiasuperdefense brand

Among its benefits, we can say that it is part of some of the most effective cosmetic cream in the market, such as the Superdefense de Atlantia.

Composed of shea butter, Vitamim E, and canarian aloe vera , this compound is an intensive treatment for the care of our skin.

This is not all! Thanks to the use of the ecological aloe vera this compound will not cause any adverse reaction on our skin. In other words, this is an integral solution that moisturizes and nourishes simultaneously so we can always have a radiant skin with optimum conditions throughout the day.