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Are natural cosmetics gaining ground on synthetic?

Two yoga classes a week, superfoods incorporated into our diet and daily care and hygiene with eco cosmetics.

Are natural cosmetics gaining ground on synthetic?

The concept of “wellness” has come into our lives to stay; and consumer awareness of harmful compounds found in numerous hygiene and cosmetic products, is leading to greater knowledge about it.

Skin is the largest organ of our body, responsible for keeping in touch with the outside world; as well as protecting our inner body from potencial environmental insults. That’s why synthetic cosmetics are increasingly questioned in our society.

Synthetic cosmetics vs. natural cosmetics

Nevertheless, what are the basic keys for differentiating synthetic cosmetics from natural cosmetics?

The latter preferably uses natural and organic ingredients, obtained from plants and minerals, avoiding chemical preservatives. So we can say that natural cosmetics contain more active ingredients than a synthetic cosmetics product; including, besides plant and essential oils, other chemicals (colourants, preservatives, parabens…).

Also, natural cosmetics preserve more balance on the environment, biodiversity and natural balance, thanks to the reduction of polluting ingredients. A clear commitment to minimise the ecological impact on our environment.

Synthetic cosmetics vs. natural cosmetics

INCI, the truth uncoveres

Given the latent misinformation in the beauty industry, where many brands try to take advantage of this “eco natural hit”, interpreting the list of ingredients in cosmetics or beauty products is essential to avoid deception.

Unscrupulous companies exhibiting the famous “100% natural” labeling, despite having included on the INCI itself (list of ingredients) chemicals, such as parabens, phthalates, aluminum salts…

In order to avoid this deception to the consumer, we published a few weeks ago on our Atlantia Blog the basis for knowing how to interpret this information label, often so confusing: Learn to interpret the ingredients in cosmetics.


INCI, the truth uncoveres
Natural cosmetics is in a professional boom


It’s clear that the increase in consumer awareness regarding ecology, health safety and the growing awareness of dangers associated with synthetic chemicals, enhances interest for natural and organic cosmetics every day.

booming market that still needs to lay some groundwork (lack of international certification), and which from Atlantia, we advocate by transmitting ethical and professional information to all our customers.