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Aloe vera products that help the lives of cancer patients

Numerous scientific studies carried out in leading hospitals in Spain guarantee that products with aloe vera from Atlantia clearly help to improve the lives of patients in cancer treatments.

Aloe vera products that help the lives of cancer patients

What are these products? What do they contribute? How are they used? Why are they so effective?

We give you all the details:


Regestimul, is a cream with 100% pure oil of Rosehip and pure aloe vera of organic cultivation stabilized in cold. The synergy between these active ingredients and their high regenerative capacity help to improve the tone and texture of the skin. It also contains shea butter, with emollient and moisturizing properties; and avocado oil, an effective antioxidant rich in fatty acids of nourishing action and vitamin E, which protects the skin from damage caused by free radicals.

Its Airless packaging retains its natural properties preventing the product from coming into contact with air and oxidizing.

Many medical specialists recommend it for the prevention and improvement of post-surgical scars, such as Dr. Mercedes Herrero, gynecologist at Gine4 at HM Sanchinarro Hospital:

“Skin cells, including scar cells, are always renewing. That is why it is very convenient to use a product like Regestimul, which regenerates the skin and promotes the formation of collagen. The care of the scars allows you to notice less and less, “says the expert. Read more here…



The Superdefense triple action cream with aloe vera soothes and improves the condition of the skin in radiotherapy treatments.

It acts as a protective film that allows patients to continue without interruptions or with minimal interruptions radiotherapy treatments, improving side effects such as radiodermitis.

It contains pure aloe vera that strengthens the skin’s natural defense systems, has high regenerative, soothing and antibacterial capacity; Shea butter, with emollient and moisturizing properties, nourishes the skin in depth and protects it; and avocado oil, an effective antioxidant rich in fatty acids of nourishing action and vitamin E that protects the skin from damage caused by free radicals.


Pure aloe vera gel

Pure Aloe vera Gel is a product for comprehensive skincare. With moisturizing, regenerating, and soothing capacity. But for this, it must be pure. It contains cold-stabilized aloe vera plant juice, not concentrated Aloe powder, with a guaranteed acemannan concentration of a minimum of 1700 mg/l.

Medical specialists recommend it for the treatment of radiodermatitis because of its comparative efficacy. Moisturizing and repairing in case of damaged skin; regenerative and soothing in sunburn, insect bite, and atopic skin.

A clinical test carried out at the Teknon Clinic in Barcelona proved the usefulness of Superdefense cream and Atlantia’s pure Aloe vera gel in breast cancer patients in radiotherapy treatments.

In 80-90% of these patients, moderate toxicity reactions occur to radiotherapy.

“The test showed how hydration and skin elasticity improved, while erythema and hyperpigmentation remained stable or below the usual values,” says Dr. Ignacio Toscas, radiation oncologist at the Teknon Clinic in Barcelona.

Pure aloe vera gel


Bialoedrinkable aloe vera, is made with pure Aloe Vera juice extracted from the leaves of the organically grown plant. It contains 99.17% cold stabilized aloe vera juice. Thanks to the meticulous extraction of freshly cut fresh leaves and the delicate process of production and cold stabilized, there is optimal preservation of the properties and active ingredients that are naturally present in the plant.

Aloe vera has an active component that stimulates cell regeneration and causes the mucosa to affect the mouth, throat, and esophagus to recover sooner,” explains Dr. Rafael D’Ambrosi, radiation oncologist at the Hospital 12 de October in Madrid.